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Ultra-Poly Shredder in Action grinding up plastic
Scrap from plastic bag manufacturing begins it journey back to pellets to be used to make new bags.
Blown film extrusion plastic bag making machine
Production scrap reprocessing helps film manufacturers achieve “Zero Waste” goals.

Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability is in the DNA of Ultra-Poly. The first line Ultra-Poly installed was at a producer of LDPE film in 1974 to allow that producer to avoid land-filling the scrap from their process, reduce the amount of virgin resin consumed, and lower their total raw material costs. It might not have been thought of as sustainability at the time as the term was not yet in vogue, but that operation embodied all of the attributes that are considered core tenets of sustainability.

Fast forward to today and Ultra-Poly’s commitment and expertise in improving the sustainability of the plastics industry is evident throughout our business model;

Properly reprocessed materials can be used back into blends with
virgin materials and yield high quality finished products that meet tight specifications.

Sustainability in Action at Ultra-Poly

  • Embedded Tolling
    • Key to attaining Zero-Waste goals for customers’ operations
    • Reduces carbon footprint by eliminating shipping of scrap materials
    • Reduces volume of virgin materials required
  • Post-Consumer Materials
    • Novel logistics programs to capture waste prior to sending to MRF
    • Reduces carbon footprint eliminating multiple shipping steps
    • Reduces the amount of cleaning necessary to yield high quality products
  • Customer Facing
    • Design for sustainability expertise
    • Collaboration on circularity initiatives
    • Custom compound development with recycled materials
    • Third-Party certification of recycled content in products
  • Operations
    • Low energy lighting
    • Water recirculation
    • New, fuel-efficient truck fleet
    • Energy consumption analysis/optimization

Ready to Talk Resins?

Whether you need standard recycled resin, PCR, or FDA material, our team is ready to work with you to find the best recycled resin for your application.