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Expert Team

Our Research & Development team has decades of combined polymer engineering experience, and they excel in collaborative product design for the toughest applications.

Development Lab

Dedicated Research & Development equipment, including a pilot scale compounding line, blown film line and injection molding machine, lets us produce samples, gain feedback, and iterate quickly during the development process.

Materials Analysis

A full complement of material testing capabilities let us analyze materials, track development progress, and ensure that we are sending material that matches the customer’s expectation.

Our Development Process

We supply many of our customers with standard products that have been modified to meet their specific application requirements.  Every relationship begins with the same process.

Step 1


We collaborate with you to fully understand the requirements of your specific application.

Step 2


With a complete understanding of your needs, we can develop, produce and sample a compound with your physical demands and cost structure in mind.

UltraPoly crew running quality assurance on a batch of PolyEdge resin

Step 3


We test sample products to ensure they meet your specs and report findings along the way.

UltraPoly lab technician testing compounds

Step 4


Development is often an iterative process. After you test the material, we take your feedback to tweak the compound and resample, and we can do so quickly using our R&D extrusion line.

Step 5

Ramp Up

After engineering, production, and purchasing are aligned, we will then move into larger scale production trials.  These often include samples anywhere from a few hundred pounds, to a single truckload, depending on our customer’s requirement.

UltraPoly executives planning a collaborative toll processing operation

Step 6

Full Scale

After final approval is given, Ultra-Poly creates and commits to the specification, and can supply up to several loads per week.

Processed resin getting packed

Step 7


We seek feedback and refine the product as necessary moving forward.  This can include adding or modifying specs, adding color options, or changing packaging or delivery method.

UltraPoly executive working on a new custom compound

Case Studies

We supply multiple customers each month with millions of pounds of material customized specifically for them.  Each product was designed to meet unique physical, volume, cost requirements using the same process.  Two noteworthy projects highlight the challenges we can meet.

Demanding, high value material handling application


Produce a PP compound that delivers a specific combination of rigidity and toughness.


Leverage understanding of flex/izod interdependencies to identify the optimal blend.


UP889-NBPPBLK-HF [link to data sheet]- 100% recycled compound with 160,000 psi flexural modulus and 10-14 ft-lb. Izod impact strength.  A recycled compound with post consumer content and specs unavailable anywhere else in the marketplace.

Pre-colored, thin walled, high flow injection molding application


Produce a pre-colored, 65 melt index PP compound optimized for storage bins.


Combine reactive compounding techniques and impact modification.


UP6589-COPPDKBL [link to data sheet]- 65 melt index PP compound made in custom blue color, a cost competitive, high volume pre-colored alternative to virgin resin.


Average number of samples sent each year


Percentage of samples commercialized


Injection molding machines


Pilot scale extruders


Blown film lines


Ultra-Poly has developed a track record for working closely with its customers to help them reduce cost and increase efficiencies by developing customized programs that meet their specific needs.

Custom Compound Development

We develop custom compounds for our customers. We ensure the exact material for your business needs through our development lab and scientists along with a world class facility, logistics, and engineering team.

Toll Processing

With toll processing, Ultra-Poly takes plant scrap and turns it into high quality pellets that can we put back into your processes. Owning our own fleet of trucks allows us to get products and materials where it needs to be for customers.

Embedded Tolling

Our clients do not have to worry about capital investments to implement Ultra-Poly embedded toll processing activities. We help businesses in the plastics industry by improving efficiencies, lowering costs, while elevating a business from having to manage reclaim lines.

Unique raw material needs?

Whether you need standard recycled resin, PCR, or FDA material, our team is ready to work with you to find the best recycled resin for your application.